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Table of Contents
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi I
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi II
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi III
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Post Scriptum
Me- Rise thee for me oh unnamed friend, for I beckon thee of me come.
Thee- That you beckon me shall I rise within thee Oversoul and to you come.
Me- That you rise shall I beckon thee, for many questions have I answered.
Thee- Tell me Oversoul of thy answers of thy questions.
Me- Are you not all knowing oh unnamed friend?
Thee- I am all knowing dear Oversoul.
Me- That you know thee shall I tell thee of that which thy already know?
Thee- That you tell me will I know thee again dear Oversoul.
Me- I have touched of the heart that beats of man and have known of him.
Thee- That you have touched him what shall thee know of him dear Oversoul?
Me- That which I know is of greatness in spirit and an endless drive for life.
Thee- Tell me of the greatness thou has known dear Oversoul; and this drive for life.
Me- That I have taken of the souls of man and known him shall I tell you unnamed friend, for I have embraced the good side of man and it warms me.
Thee- Have not you known the other side of man too dear Oversoul?
Me- That I have known of the other side of man is so. That both exist in man is that which is most great oh unnamed friend, for he holds in him a passion for life in the midst of death, the power of God and the emotions of children.
Thee- And what of you dear Oversoul? What of you?
Me- I will forever be of man. That which he beckons in pain and in glory shall I be thee of him and for him and in him always shall I be as his pardon and his friend, for I am the Oversoul and man does know me.
Thee- How to it be that man does know you dear Oversoul?
Me- I am the second star. Man's new beginning. His second chance. That I dwell in him shall he know me. That he beckons me, shall he be free.
Thee- That you have seen his conflict and known his struggle and his triumph have you known thy answers to thy questions dear Oversoul, and you please me.
Me- Shall I tell you more of the beauty of their way oh unnamed friend?
Thee- I have eternity to listen. Tell me dear Oversoul.  Tell me.
Post Scriptum