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Table of Contents
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi I
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi II
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi III
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Post Scriptum

 That it was, and the end of that day did come to one and all, and time was it that the sun did sigh of a long good-bye and we turned our backs on the earthly rest and did look on out on our newfound quest. Tranquility did rise upon us one and all and peace did flow of our spirit. New horizons did thee wait on us and the cast of yesterday did stretch out in a long ghostly trail behind us. That they awaited, new chapters, as yet unwritten, in an endless book, from the hearts of men and the thoughts they feel and the essence took, of a simple passion of the words they find in the endless span of their gifted mind. Upon this mighty albatross will they rise, shall they find new hope of the second star.





We will welcome man and have him, for we are of one.
 Of God.  Of man.  Of Oversoul.

Novus Ordo Seclorum     (A New Order of the Ages)