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Table of Contents
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi I
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi II
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi III
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Post Scriptum

Thy masses took of valleys and stray oceans and of prairies did they gather of their beckoning souls and self upon and about my midnight mission of great harvest. For I did hear them and did give them rise and strength and did fill them of hope and wonder and did bless them and lift them to the point of self deliverance. Did I rain and drizzle and did cast down upon them all weary and unknowing that of prudent passage and did grace them and caritas and caress them in warm slumber and did lay them each and all within great hands of gentle surgeons. For the sky drew white of far-off angels and was it that we came of a far-off constellation and of my past dwellings and my essence did they travel and did heed of rogatory orisons and endless prayers. That we gathered and we harvested and did take of them tomorrow and new ventures and all knowledge and all reason said of wonder and emotion. That we graced the sky in domes of shaded quarters and wielded stainless birds and glowing sentries did we wander and lay claim and take thee unto that of morrow and still nights of new beginnings.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi     (So Goes the Glory of the World)