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Table of Contents
Dies Irae I
Dies Irae II
Dies Irae III
Dies Irae IV
Dies Irae V
Dies Irae VI
Dies Irae VII
Teadium Vitae I
Teadium Vitae II
Teadium Vitae III
Teadium Vitae IV
Lux in Tenebris I
Lux in Tenebris II
Lux in Tenebris III
Lux in Tenebris IV
Lux in Tenebris V
Lux in Tenebris VI
Lux in Tenebris VII
Lux in Tenebris VIII
Lux in Tenebris IX
Dies Irae     (Days of Anger)
Cloud shadow my dying breath
so that I might die alone.
Good that it be this way.
My future life shone and shone.
So happy that I may be;
no tears you shed when I leave.
It stays behind; good-bye pain.
It stays here, not to retrieve.
I close my eyes upon you
so that I might not see grief.
But sadness that you all have
will be so ever brief.
I say farewell to my pain. 
I now leave this endless fight.
And all I say with death words
is to you all good-night.