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Table of Contents
Dies Irae I
Dies Irae II
Dies Irae III
Dies Irae IV
Dies Irae V
Dies Irae VI
Dies Irae VII
Teadium Vitae I
Teadium Vitae II
Teadium Vitae III
Teadium Vitae IV
Lux in Tenebris I
Lux in Tenebris II
Lux in Tenebris III
Lux in Tenebris IV
Lux in Tenebris V
Lux in Tenebris VI
Lux in Tenebris VII
Lux in Tenebris VIII
Lux in Tenebris IX
That it was that I knew of all purpose and my challenge of this season. That I was untouched of divine deities did I stand in expostulation of unformed masters. That I stood unyielding and unmoving in my gesture and my will. That I stood fearful but unbroken in my spirit and my mind. That I stood fast in the light of darkness and did reach out unto them thy undone angels and thy demons. In the new wind of change did they condemn me and convict me and did sentence me.  Did they curse me and did scourge me and anathematize me and did cast me with the likes of Apollyon and Sheol and they did plunge my gestalten being into the winds of eternity.
 Was it that they took notice of my reason not, the time they spent of the will forgot, and a final hour did their cool words usher, did the gawking crowds draw a bit more lusher of their coldest thought of the day would end with my sweet surrender, as they lay me down in fields with the others condemned.
Dies Irae     (Days of Anger)