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Table of Contents
Dies Irae I
Dies Irae II
Dies Irae III
Dies Irae IV
Dies Irae V
Dies Irae VI
Dies Irae VII
Teadium Vitae I
Teadium Vitae II
Teadium Vitae III
Teadium Vitae IV
Lux in Tenebris I
Lux in Tenebris II
Lux in Tenebris III
Lux in Tenebris IV
Lux in Tenebris V
Lux in Tenebris VI
Lux in Tenebris VII
Lux in Tenebris VIII
Lux in Tenebris IX

Nigh did those demons rise on the light of dawn from an angry pit of a new beginning and of nefarious iniquities commit. Regik, Baratez and Ucites were the flames set at my feet. Unholy terror did they rise in all that they would meet.  Did they rise from the belly of the sun and rain fire upon all that went proud and unshielded.  That I heard their cry of might and said warriors did I mark them on that field of lost angels. And the day grew long of a sad, sad song. On the floor below did the guilty and the innocent render and go.  Did the sky fall dim on that unholy day while echoes of undone spirits rebounded in trails of tomorrow. Was it that this trio of destruction did stand with great contumacy and contempt of my being that I did bar them and did condemn them that which thee all shall do, that I did denounce them, rescind them and did close my mind against thee. But their plea set heavy on my way and the force of their greatness stood to diminish me. Nigh was it that I did take their challenge and did cast their greatness about me. Though I trembled of their presence did I grow and find the strength within me to still ill passage. And the cry of the people they did vanquish did rise to fill me and their anguish dripped about me as the slow bleed of a soft pine sap. Pain did flow of my being and the core of my soul did rise of sad wonder and a tear within me did I utter and drip within the depths of my endless self.

Dies Irae     (Days of Anger)