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Table of Contents
Dies Irae I
Dies Irae II
Dies Irae III
Dies Irae IV
Dies Irae V
Dies Irae VI
Dies Irae VII
Teadium Vitae I
Teadium Vitae II
Teadium Vitae III
Teadium Vitae IV
Lux in Tenebris I
Lux in Tenebris II
Lux in Tenebris III
Lux in Tenebris IV
Lux in Tenebris V
Lux in Tenebris VI
Lux in Tenebris VII
Lux in Tenebris VIII
Lux in Tenebris IX

 So it was in the minds of men that I did amble towards the greatness of said vision. Pine forest trails led me on to meadows in low clearings. There was it that I witnessed my first gathering and did so ordain them of ill practice. That it was of their maundering did I not understand but quell did I not wish their spirit of good telling. That they shared in warm adoration and unparalleled loyalty did their way go of approbation in my purpose. That they yielded rituals in appurtenance was to their wishing, nay that I willed it so. That I remained respondent of their beckoning though they uttered "Gloria in excelsis Deo" did I not find offense. That I not be so did I not begrudge their error and their misconception. That they aspired to some goodness of clean spirit was I content in their being. And I laid down upon them my word that they should call me of their will that which I am to them. For names are  hollow and the essence of my substance needs but any cup to hold me.

 Did I rise upon still waters and release unto my maudlin partisans that which palliates and assuages. That their anguish and bereavement comes soon to be allayed did I lavish them with gentle pardon. So was it that I called upon all mavens of poetry and song. That I enlisted the magical talent borne of their way of word and verse did I send them with their special flair to alter not my passage but to enlighten all of gentle spirit and newfound hope. That all may rise from the pit of pain and a ravaged soul to that of glistening exculpation. For I stand with arms open and cape drawn that I wrap thee all that asks me in still quarters. That I may stand to shield them shall they beckon me with prayer. That I may lift them with me to new planes shall they choose to journey of my way, for though a lord shall not they discover shall I give deserved process of those who does search of such nonetheless, for benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini; whether there be lord or not.

Lux in Tenebris      (Light in the Midst of Darkness)