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Table of Contents
Dies Irae I
Dies Irae II
Dies Irae III
Dies Irae IV
Dies Irae V
Dies Irae VI
Dies Irae VII
Teadium Vitae I
Teadium Vitae II
Teadium Vitae III
Teadium Vitae IV
Lux in Tenebris I
Lux in Tenebris II
Lux in Tenebris III
Lux in Tenebris IV
Lux in Tenebris V
Lux in Tenebris VI
Lux in Tenebris VII
Lux in Tenebris VIII
Lux in Tenebris IX
It's time I call to gather my friends and what they be.
Alas come hear my calling. Alas come unto me.
My friends you be my fortune. The light that shines ahead.
The waves of rolling laughter now made by what you said.
You be my endless spirit. The tears alone I cry.
The pulse within my being. We be the "friends and I"
The candle flickered shadows I see approach my feet
now warn that time is shortly, before we all shall meet.
The dimming of the heavens. The stars that come to bear.
And mountains turn in union while streams and rivers hear.
The forest and the desert. The oceans and the sea.
Alas you heard my calling. Alas, you came to me.
Lux in Tenebris      (Light in the Midst of Darkness)