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Table of Contents
Vade Mecum I
Vade Mecum II
Vade Mecum III
Vade Mecum IV
Vade Mecum V
Vade Mecum VI
Vade Mecum VII
Vade Mecum VIII
Vade Mecum IX
Vade Mecum X
Meleant`e I
Meleant`e II
Meleant`e III
Meleant`e IV
Meleant`e V
Meleant`e VI
Meleant`e VII
Meleant`e VIII
Meleant`e IX
"No!" The word was past my lips before I could even think of it. "But surely you must be in need of food" he replied. "I need nothing of you holy man; except", as I spoke I drew my sword from its sheath and laid its razor sharp tip unto his breast bone. "Except my heart. Right my son?" His words rang within me as bells in a steeple echo in the wind. "How? How could you know father that such was my mission here? Had you not been fooled at all?" I asked "Nay my son. You fooled me not. But are you so blind you could not see me offer it to you? The heart you seek is not to be found within my chest, but in my head. Your desert friends were right when they said no-one has ever taken the heart. You cannot forcibly take what is freely given. Aside from the fact that those who sought it looked but in the wrong place. Until you realize that only the lord can give you eternal life you will remain damned to this curse of selfish wants."  "No!" I shrieked. "Come. Let us dine and I'll show you the way." he said.
Vade Mecum     (Come With Me)