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Table of Contents
Vade Mecum I
Vade Mecum II
Vade Mecum III
Vade Mecum IV
Vade Mecum V
Vade Mecum VI
Vade Mecum VII
Vade Mecum VIII
Vade Mecum IX
Vade Mecum X
Meleant`e I
Meleant`e II
Meleant`e III
Meleant`e IV
Meleant`e V
Meleant`e VI
Meleant`e VII
Meleant`e VIII
Meleant`e IX

And the night passed slowly and then it slowed amore. Time, almost still. And the silence, how it went before me. I could almost bear this quiet no more! And I ran, trembling. Oh God I ran. For he came. And I yelled "Here I be!" and that silence shattered before me like a thousand slabs of glass. But I couldn't let him pass without seeing me! I had to run and yell so he'd know I've been in waiting. And he turned, just as they said he would. And yes, I tell you, I shook. I shivered. Oh I told myself it was the cold air that had finally found me, but I knew. For no-one trembles like this from the cold. Nay, it was him who shook me to my marrow.

Vade Mecum     (Come With Me)