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Table of Contents
Vade Mecum I
Vade Mecum II
Vade Mecum III
Vade Mecum IV
Vade Mecum V
Vade Mecum VI
Vade Mecum VII
Vade Mecum VIII
Vade Mecum IX
Vade Mecum X
Meleant`e I
Meleant`e II
Meleant`e III
Meleant`e IV
Meleant`e V
Meleant`e VI
Meleant`e VII
Meleant`e VIII
Meleant`e IX
Me- And I shall comfort those that follow me as they be undone?
Thee- You shall ease their fear and still their pain and deliver of man that which is his essence.
Me- Shall too will the innocent as well as the guilty be undone?
Thee- All are man. The innocent too shall be undone.
Me- That it be so does it not fit well within me oh unnamed friend, for I have known of the innocence of man and it lives within me.
Thee- Fear thee not Oversoul. I have known too of the innocence of man and will preserve them within thee. Go now. Stand down of the wrath of the makers of death, for they are without conscience.
 Meleant`e     (Sorrow)