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Table of Contents
Vade Mecum I
Vade Mecum II
Vade Mecum III
Vade Mecum IV
Vade Mecum V
Vade Mecum VI
Vade Mecum VII
Vade Mecum VIII
Vade Mecum IX
Vade Mecum X
Meleant`e I
Meleant`e II
Meleant`e III
Meleant`e IV
Meleant`e V
Meleant`e VI
Meleant`e VII
Meleant`e VIII
Meleant`e IX
Meleant`e was a mountain who stood at grace alone.
So masculine a being, a strength within its own.
A tale recalled Meleant`e, to me a skeptic mind.
It said no man be-foot her. It said no man e’er climb.
And so I journeyed stoutly. Encounter her my aim.
And in a fortnight’s travel upon her I did came.
Oh what a massive body Meleant`e proudly shown.
Unending was her height-ness. A flipside mountain cone.
She rumbled at my presence. Behold she took her stand,
and crumpled my small body between her massive hands.
I woke beside a river besieged upon my fate
For I was in Meleant`e. Meleant`e to me ate!
Meleant`e let me flee you I cried from in her pit
Release the bonds that hold me and fast I came I’ll get.
She rumbled back her laughter. Hysterical my fright.
And in a darkened corner I waited ‘til the night.
Was on was calm and quiet Meleant`e fell asleep.
And then I climbed from in her, for me she could not keep.
I ran a quarter mile, then stopped to catch my breath.
Continued to a forest escaping from my death.
Then came the sunrise hour. The sky began to light.
I sat and laughed for minutes just thinking of last night.
Meleant`e you’re a fool now. For me you are no match.
From nowhere then she rumbled, and stuffed me down her hatch.
 Meleant`e     (Sorrow)