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Table of Contents
Vade Mecum I
Vade Mecum II
Vade Mecum III
Vade Mecum IV
Vade Mecum V
Vade Mecum VI
Vade Mecum VII
Vade Mecum VIII
Vade Mecum IX
Vade Mecum X
Meleant`e I
Meleant`e II
Meleant`e III
Meleant`e IV
Meleant`e V
Meleant`e VI
Meleant`e VII
Meleant`e VIII
Meleant`e IX
 That it was when I broke free of the reign did I find man besieged by all emotion. Quiet was the day of the shadowed sun and the moon transgressed and the light was none and a darkened cast did the mid-day find of a fearful tribe of a simple mind. Of the magic in the sky did they find question of how and of why.  And I walked through fields of wildflower and vine with Abel, my friend, in proud leonine.
  Of a windswept desert of a primitive man was the place I wandered, was the place I am. Was it that Abel in his newfound zest did reach out in false hope of an impossible quest. To bring them news of eternal life in the realm of God and the afterlife.
Vade Mecum     (Come With Me)