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Table of Contents
Terribilis Bellum I
Terribilis Bellum II
Terribilis Bellum III
Terribilis Bellum IV
Terribilis Bellum V
Terribilis Bellum VI
Terribilis Bellum VII
Terribilis Bellum VIII
Terribilis Bellum IX
Terribilis Bellum X
Of all thee of divine fruit were they nourished and fed. On hallowed ground did time find them wrapped in the arms of ecstasy, exalted, and dead. For their shepherd did blindly lead them through fields of darkness and dismay. Was it of their own beckoning did they choose to become sheep of his way. Of many passages the blood did flow on the pages of pain where the lost herds go. Where they kneel to pray in a quivering mass is their self undone, is their will thus passed. In many chapters the words did find of a perilous trek of this humankind. Of masters of genius, of victims enslaved, of all that they conquered, of all that they saved. Of all they discovered in all that they lost, such greatness plundered in a mad holocaust. For in all of their splendor was there this one fatal flaw, they placed all faith and devotion in a God that demanded little, instead of each other, who needed them more.
Terribilis Bellum     (The Terrible War)