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Table of Contents
Terribilis Bellum I
Terribilis Bellum II
Terribilis Bellum III
Terribilis Bellum IV
Terribilis Bellum V
Terribilis Bellum VI
Terribilis Bellum VII
Terribilis Bellum VIII
Terribilis Bellum IX
Terribilis Bellum X
Of words there bound of leather and gold did their tale of time and greatness to me unfold. Talons of avatar aspired to grace. In trembling masses the demagogue embrace. Of that be their nature, of that be their way, of worship subservient of all thee thy pray. Come pardon, come issue, of all thee thy need. Of sustenance, spirit, of false lords they plead. Came to the quarter of weary a moon. In silence, a passage of all thee thy croon. The sky laid still on the border of grace in a time so vast in an endless space. And ignorance and false hope did abound. Great was there a sorrow at rising and the voice of all went hollow in parched endings. The wind did rise of the land despise of a scavenging beast did their anguish feast on the rolling floor of the land called earth in a place of time is the follower birthed.
Terribilis Bellum     (The Terrible War)