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Table of Contents
Terribilis Bellum I
Terribilis Bellum II
Terribilis Bellum III
Terribilis Bellum IV
Terribilis Bellum V
Terribilis Bellum VI
Terribilis Bellum VII
Terribilis Bellum VIII
Terribilis Bellum IX
Terribilis Bellum X
Terribilis Bellum     (The Terrible War)
A great sun did he rise to warm this barren plain, of fruited labor bore and sought intelligence and rising grain. Sanctioned evil though they grew, of sorrow, sadness, masses shed on the fruited grasses in the morning dew. Of a fabled home in an unknown land of a time now gone in the drifting sand. To make my way through the bodies still in the arms of clover on the fields of life and witness soon of the starting over. On the day of tears of the force called man and the thing they did I just did not understand. To lay still of their own kind's flesh and blood, on the sand of life under the glowing sun of the fields of grain, they lay sweetly down in the arms of pain. I dared to a call to enlighten my heart as to why they chose to rip each other’s flesh apart.  I had studied their words I had roamed in their souls but nothing I'd learned of such sorrow and woes that gave these men cause to annihilate, I merely discovered a thing they termed  "hate".  Surely I had to study this more. The act of killing, hate, this thing called war.