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Table of Contents
Terribilis Bellum I
Terribilis Bellum II
Terribilis Bellum III
Terribilis Bellum IV
Terribilis Bellum V
Terribilis Bellum VI
Terribilis Bellum VII
Terribilis Bellum VIII
Terribilis Bellum IX
Terribilis Bellum X

The souls of dead men walk upon your earth.
Laughing, giggling, fruitfully spitting on your dishonored loveliness.
No pain they feel as you butcher and rinse their shell of birth.
Their un-crowded world, seemingly floating within each other
as they so disdainfully spy on your selfishness.

Crying, searing, scorching reality of pain unfelt.
Seething torture, all matter alive, pleading in a voice unheard.
The softened heart while watching, ears tuned,
listening to the imagined cry of pain as a block of ice is left to melt.
The scream of the flying animal, soaring, veering,
and the smashing pain of the breeze battered by the bird.

Alive, and with the will of Satan, you tramp upon the already mangled corpse' of your brothers.
Sloshing and bleeding, their guts strewn and dangling from the boots of their victors.
Painfully wincing at bulging eyes.  Blood streaming from punctured ears,
and the horrid stench of flesh rotted and then smothered.

In miles to come, all is gone, except the flashing in your mind and
everlasting pictures.

Terribilis Bellum     (The Terrible War)