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Table of Contents
Terribilis Bellum I
Terribilis Bellum II
Terribilis Bellum III
Terribilis Bellum IV
Terribilis Bellum V
Terribilis Bellum VI
Terribilis Bellum VII
Terribilis Bellum VIII
Terribilis Bellum IX
Terribilis Bellum X
Did I come to sad oppression and the evil of their way and of violated beings did I see them send astray unto ravens did they gesture unto eagles did they cry unto anguish did they render did they cast and justify that of warrant that of justice that they banish that they send on to ever and tomorrow and tomorrow to their end. Knights did rise them gentle angels did they bow to them in guise. Simple shepherds borne of legions did they venture, did they rise, all unending trumpets calling did they summon did they call, that of fortune, barren pilgrims, did they promise and enthrall. Came their armies did they muster, did they chant and march so bold. Onward ending, swords of silver, did they amble on the wold. Be their sundown, nigh tomorrow, did they gather on all sides. Did they ready, shield and silver, sad oppression, genocide. Came the morning of tomorrow did they march across the wold, of barren brothers did they trample on the dead of young and old. That they vanquished unarmed angels did I wonder did I sigh, cast thee pages, did I search thee, did I beckon thee... of........ why?
Terribilis Bellum     (The Terrible War)