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Table of Contents
Amicae Intus I
Amicae Intus II
Amicae Intus III
Amicae Intus IV
Amicae Intus V
Amicae Intus VI
Exquirere Veritas I
Exquirere Veritas II
Exquirere Veritas III
Exquirere Veritas IV
Exquirere Veritas V
Exquirere Veritas VI
Exquirere Veritas VII
Exquirere Veritas VIII
Exquirere Veritas IX
Exquirere Veritas X
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Exquirere Veritas XII
That I longed for that I read did I venture and roam. My drive be my fear of simply being alone. Did I call to the mountains, the rivers and streams. Immersed in a quest to make vivid my dreams. Of fields that lay formed on the plains of my sought grew seas of desire in quiescent thought. That I wielded gentle longing free of malevolent conviction did I resist abnegation. Of that which rises within me did I abreact towards resolution of favorable apocalypse. To me of elusive spirit did I humbly seek. In the realm of my being, in my conscience so deep. In dreams did I lay blissful in the arms of said glow. On soaring flights in a far-off mind together did we go. On timeless paths alone by my side did I keep gentle spirit, as partner, to talk and confide. Was it that in time I would invoke rara avis and the rapture it did send. Still nights by silent waters of a troubled heart in an unknown land, wind caressing long rolling hills, in all my aloneness I would beckon this friend.
 "Come unto me oh carrier within. Take upon your droning beat my gentleness where shorebirds swim. Where the great waves ride and the albatross glide. Where the ocean hugs the endless sky and the beat of time goes ever by on the words that lift on a promised gift. In this place I'm sent is the past repent. Of a sorrowed mind is the place I dwell, is the day unfolding in a silent hell. Rise me up towards kindred spirits on oceans far away. Where the gentle sun can warm my lonely depths and give strength, for the pain I've read within their book has brought darkness to me this day. For I have met man's partner in misery and redemption, and it wears a mask called  ‘loneliness’."
Amicae Intus     (The Friend Within)