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Table of Contents
Amicae Intus I
Amicae Intus II
Amicae Intus III
Amicae Intus IV
Amicae Intus V
Amicae Intus VI
Exquirere Veritas I
Exquirere Veritas II
Exquirere Veritas III
Exquirere Veritas IV
Exquirere Veritas V
Exquirere Veritas VI
Exquirere Veritas VII
Exquirere Veritas VIII
Exquirere Veritas IX
Exquirere Veritas X
Exquirere Veritas XI
Exquirere Veritas XII

"I am the Oversoul. Know me. For I will always be with you. I am in your soul. Within you. And be you walk so free. I am in your heart. Let it beat with me, for it cannot beat without. I am in your mind. Searching somewhere. You will know me when you speak. I am the Oversoul. Know me. I am in your heart, your soul, your mind. Hold me. Live with me. Laugh and cry with me. You hold the essence of my being. Keep me warm within you and in your loneliness I may warm your heart. And when you're sad, turn in towards me. I will give relief. When you laugh, I will laugh. When you cry, I too may cry. For I am the Oversoul. From the time we met, ‘til death in time we shall be of one. Come look ahead, I'm not to see. Behind, on top, below. I'm not to see. But look within yourself and there you may find me. I am the Oversoul. Know me. Remember me. And be free." 

Exquirere Veritas     (In Search of Truth)