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Table of Contents
Amicae Intus I
Amicae Intus II
Amicae Intus III
Amicae Intus IV
Amicae Intus V
Amicae Intus VI
Exquirere Veritas I
Exquirere Veritas II
Exquirere Veritas III
Exquirere Veritas IV
Exquirere Veritas V
Exquirere Veritas VI
Exquirere Veritas VII
Exquirere Veritas VIII
Exquirere Veritas IX
Exquirere Veritas X
Exquirere Veritas XI
Exquirere Veritas XII
On seven mountains did I climb in search of that they call divine. On rolling seas I dared to look for Gods I read within their book.  Of tormented souls I yearned to see the beast set waiting on the field of chance by a waning moon in symbolic dance. Of a ruptured cause on the altar of shame called a dismal voice in a shadowed pain. Dare I not, to reach out my hand, to a life in need of something who will understand? On the altar thine pray do I dare turn away from the cry of a soul in need of console? Came his voice:
  "God almighty give me strength to cease my lament heart. Give me strength to bear my pain. Remorse tears me apart. Stop the stream of rancor thoughts emerging from my head, malevolence my present, a curse to make me dead."
  There did I lay cast of his sacred cry to an empty sky in hopes of his vision his God would appear to still his being and calm his fear. His gentle sobbing and unanswered plea stirred a compassionate and tearful note within the well of me. Did I make my way in the form of his mind to hearken his spirit and to me he find, some words of comfort and strength in him borne. The will of a being to carry thee on. So then I spoke out unto him deep as I laid him tenderly down in the comforting arms of sleep:
Exquirere Veritas     (In Search of Truth)