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Table of Contents
Amicae Intus I
Amicae Intus II
Amicae Intus III
Amicae Intus IV
Amicae Intus V
Amicae Intus VI
Exquirere Veritas I
Exquirere Veritas II
Exquirere Veritas III
Exquirere Veritas IV
Exquirere Veritas V
Exquirere Veritas VI
Exquirere Veritas VII
Exquirere Veritas VIII
Exquirere Veritas IX
Exquirere Veritas X
Exquirere Veritas XI
Exquirere Veritas XII
So be it the way of false Gods to listen and speak. Prey thee upon the simple minded, the desperate, the weak. Gain of me knowledge and of these words known, of each man a God there be unto his own. Of a follower of another man's God not you be. Thou art man. Not lemmings. Not bees. Gaze thee not at grand monuments and rituals and see that of almighty grace, for the power of that you seek in faith does not cast any face. Gaze not into cheering crowds or repentant pray-ers, lest you find adamant fury, blind followers or deceptive soothsayers. Gaze not into the well of despair lest you look to find an inner strength there with hands upward reaching to cradle your fall if only you'd chance to venture a call. Rise thee all unholy and wretched. Walk with me where new light shines, a trail of tomorrow in grand designs. Reach within your being and gain strength. Reach within your being and learn compassion and forgiveness. Reach within your being and find hope. Reach within your being and know the Oversoul.
Exquirere Veritas     (In Search of Truth)