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Table of Contents
Amicae Intus I
Amicae Intus II
Amicae Intus III
Amicae Intus IV
Amicae Intus V
Amicae Intus VI
Exquirere Veritas I
Exquirere Veritas II
Exquirere Veritas III
Exquirere Veritas IV
Exquirere Veritas V
Exquirere Veritas VI
Exquirere Veritas VII
Exquirere Veritas VIII
Exquirere Veritas IX
Exquirere Veritas X
Exquirere Veritas XI
Exquirere Veritas XII
The great hand of man lay deep in the passion of his cities. Sand did find them stone so sculptured and displayed. Monuments of king and God hath their chiseler's did made. Two kings did I stand afore. Two kings did they claim. Of vastitude in cities borne there cast their kingly fame. Two kings did they hold each other in contempt, and to each one upon their side of me did they tempt.  Of crazed usurpers a tale of all woe and words laid unspoken and to me they know of all thee unshaken in all thee I've past, the barren, the wasted, depraved lay they cast. Spoken of saviors nay did they flee of breaches, transgressions and what savior be. For thou had a name, a name had them. The lord and hell and all condemn. And all had sight and see they could, but never this was understood. And on the rim, the sanding stone, arise to grind, to scratch and groan. To stand alight upon that rim as both and each called me to him. To pull and stretch my balanced mind. The things they did were so unkind. But oh, I held upon my stride for I was not of either side. And though they were of master’s names like sky and sea ran different aims. And all could hear and hear they should but never this was understood. And in the dark, the still of night I crooned a chant to free the light. And shine it did, to warm and free, the earthen dust inside of me. Caress my face, en-light my heart, to fill with warmth, that aching part. For neither one could hear the song that beat and beat so ever strong. And both could speak but rarely did. To what? To me? To call a bid!
Exquirere Veritas     (In Search of Truth)