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Table of Contents
Inanis Poculum I
Inanis Poculum II
Inanis Poculum III
Inanis Poculum IV
Inanis Poculum V
Inanis Poculum VI
Inanis Poculum VII
Sui Generis I
Sui Generis II
Tabula Rasa I
Tabula Rasa II
Tabula Rasa III
Cupiditas Libido I
Cupiditas Libido II
Cupiditas Libido III
Cupiditas Libido IV
Thee- Rise thee, my dear and lonely Oversoul, for I find me weeping for you.
Me- Weep not for me, I am Oversoul, and I'm all alone.
Thee- You are not alone dear Oversoul for I am always with you.
Me- That you are always with me is it true my unnamed friend for I know you when I speak and when I laugh and when I cry I feel thee too and you comfort me.
Thee- And yet you long for more. You, my dear and lonely Oversoul. My sad and empty cup.
Me- My unnamed friend, that I have known of the heart of man and have felt him too is it that I know of the emptiness that is of the man alone and be me that of him.
Thee- You are not man dear Oversoul and surely not alone.
Me- I hold the mark upon me, the mark of man. I have touched man and have been touched by man that I know them too and feel them thee and what they are I am. For I have been birthed of man in my making.
Thee- You have been birthed of man in your making, true.
Me- And I am of God and man am I not?
Thee- If a God there be, you would surely be of God, and man, for you are the Oversoul.
Me- You have made me so.
Inanis Poculum   ( The Empty Cup )