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Table of Contents
Inanis Poculum I
Inanis Poculum II
Inanis Poculum III
Inanis Poculum IV
Inanis Poculum V
Inanis Poculum VI
Inanis Poculum VII
Sui Generis I
Sui Generis II
Tabula Rasa I
Tabula Rasa II
Tabula Rasa III
Cupiditas Libido I
Cupiditas Libido II
Cupiditas Libido III
Cupiditas Libido IV

Destiny, I bow to you,  for you hold a pride so rare.
Forthcoming. To be.  And all is what you share.
Destiny, my fortune. The reason born for time.
Not a door, or a veil,  but a warning, caution sign.
Destiny, I adore you  for in time you never change.
And through your face, your eyes;  I see but a wider range.
Destiny, my future, what's past, presides to be.
A stamp? A seal? No.  A hand be-guiding me.
For destiny, advancing,  now gone, you followed fast.
And yet, you've always known,  again I'd be the last.
And destiny, arising,  now take me by the hand.
To forward, forthcoming,  alas, you understand.

Cupiditas Libido