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Table of Contents
Inanis Poculum I
Inanis Poculum II
Inanis Poculum III
Inanis Poculum IV
Inanis Poculum V
Inanis Poculum VI
Inanis Poculum VII
Sui Generis I
Sui Generis II
Tabula Rasa I
Tabula Rasa II
Tabula Rasa III
Cupiditas Libido I
Cupiditas Libido II
Cupiditas Libido III
Cupiditas Libido IV

Tabula rasa
(The Blank Slate)

I am not more than mortal man,
but mortal man and more I am.
I be unlike the rolling sea
but rolling sea, just like I be.
Am I not less than that called sky?
Then that called sky, no less am I!
I am not more than mortal man.
But mortal man, and more, I am.

Tabula Rasa     (Blank Slate)