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Table of Contents
Inanis Poculum I
Inanis Poculum II
Inanis Poculum III
Inanis Poculum IV
Inanis Poculum V
Inanis Poculum VI
Inanis Poculum VII
Sui Generis I
Sui Generis II
Tabula Rasa I
Tabula Rasa II
Tabula Rasa III
Cupiditas Libido I
Cupiditas Libido II
Cupiditas Libido III
Cupiditas Libido IV

The first day of my presentation went well for me.  The family unit reveled in the cast of my image and the warmth of my flesh.  It was evident that they fully accepted me into, and as part of, their ménage. Each took pleasure in simply holding and gazing upon my still inert form.  Time after time it was, that they sent me about their person's, each delighting in introducing themselves and each other.  This bonding ritual went on for many hours, though I remember not all that was about. I had fallen many times into the oblivion that later I would come to know as sleep; a time of rejuvenation, revitalization and assimilation.  Most important though, sleep was the medium that linked me with that of which I came.  The place of past dwellings.  A sense of what I be.  I would learn to do much of this sleep during my stay here.  Time went by me uncounted and with little consequence.  Keen was I on the task at hand and spent my time suckling and sleeping. None were the risings when I'd wander the halls of my being to question my existence. Days set on wonderings still unknown to me. All went unnoticed in the quest to satisfy my nurturing exigencies. But with my needs fulfilled and the world laid quiet, time would come for me, to beckon me on to that unknown. Then all would cease and all would flow and all would cascade about me. All would come to me again that came to me before. Images set gliding above reached towards me with warm hands. Essence of canthus lay cast on the journeys that swept me on to growing awareness.  Candle cradled sunshine would come to light my way.  On wings of time that knew no bounds I ventured far away. To interpret, formulate and rejuvenate!  On dreams of yesterday I could see tomorrow.

Sui Generis