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Table of Contents
Inanis Poculum I
Inanis Poculum II
Inanis Poculum III
Inanis Poculum IV
Inanis Poculum V
Inanis Poculum VI
Inanis Poculum VII
Sui Generis I
Sui Generis II
Tabula Rasa I
Tabula Rasa II
Tabula Rasa III
Cupiditas Libido I
Cupiditas Libido II
Cupiditas Libido III
Cupiditas Libido IV
Thee- On wings of mid-September. On padded trails you flee. A cast of several pardons in what became of thee. Nigh comes your tomorrow. Nigh and clear your ground. To thee thy misfortune. Therein thy be found. Two to four one hundred. Nigh to make your peace. Gone to shaded pardon, and to your release. Lo say your beholders, in all you've come to pass. Disdainful seeds you beckoned, on broken ground amass. On wings of mid-September, gone, what you despise. On April rains adorning disdainful seeds arise. Come to shaded pardon on fields that lie away. Padded trails they wander to whereupon you lay. To whisper long tomorrows, of all you knew and should. Disdainful seeds thy beckoned, though proud, are very good. On to all asunder. Renew what's torn apart. Disdainful seeds thy beckoned is where they root and start. Gone to sad omission. To thee thy dismay. Long and gone my pardon. The price all man must pay.
Cast you within the womb of the chosen one shall I send thee to new rising Oversoul and to this new world "Earth" shall you come of your beckoning as mortal man, but more.
Inanis Poculum   ( The Empty Cup )