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Even now, New Kids on the Block are still the most well loved boyband to ever hit the air waves. With that love from very devoted fans, Blockheads, New Kids were able to exceed world wide accomplishments. From record breaking album and video sales, to leading the Billboard charts. Incredible sales in merchandise, to charity events, New Kids were named the "Hardest Working Kids In Showbusiness."

In 1994, New Kids on the Block were denied their chance at the Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Now, six years later, we are giving them another chance. NKOTB Star Committee, a fan based group, was formed to make that dream become a reality.

We first started our voyage to the star with an online petition that has gone beyond our wildest dreams. With all the support gathered from fellow fans in mind, we wanted to do so much more to help NKOTB finally receive their well deserved star. Knowing what difficult road lies ahead, we are joining together to get this news out into the music world to accomplish this dream.

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