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Tanwen Elenya Gealach

She appears out of the mist like a dream, moving through shade and shadow. Little bells, like faerie chimes, accompany her graceful movements. She must be a dryad or a nymph, you think, with silky locks the color of newly born leaves and eyes like sweet violets. So deep, so clear, you feel like you could fall forever into those pools of amethyst when they suddenly go blank. She gazes, unseeing, and her delicate face shows terror and sadness. "No, please no. Do not follow. . ." she pleads is a flute-like voice, soft and lilting. She flees from you, and you follow anyway. Intent on finding this daughter of the forest, you fail to hear the honking horns, the squealing tires. . . . . She looks down on you, "I tried to warn you." she whispers. A single tear falls from those haunted eyes as the light slowly fades from yours.

~*Inner Flame*~
~House Gealach~