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Public Appearances

Summer Catch Premiere

Teen Choice Awards 2001

Princess Diaries Premiere

TV Critics Association

Tomb Raider Premiere

St Jude Hollywood Gala

Make-Up and Hair Stylist Awards 2001

Motorola/Hard Candy Party

Mummy Returns Premiere

WB All-Star Party

Elizabeth Glaser

Charlie's Angels Premiere

Urban Legends 2 Premiere

The Kid Premiere

Snow Day Premiere

Teen Choice Awards 2000

Glamour Pre-Emmy Party

Kmart Cart Race

Young Star Awards 1999

Toy Story 2 Premiere

Mercury Rising Premiere

Runaway Bride Premiere

Kid's Choice Awards 1999

The Lion King Premiere

TV Shows
Truth or Scare

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Talk Shows
Jay Leno


Feature Films
Can't be Heaven

Inspector Gadget

Richie Rich's Christmas Wish

Harriet the Spy

All About You

Teen Style

Big Hit



Miscellaneous Public Appearances

Miscellaneous Photo Shoots