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" Hello Everyone . glad to see you . If this is your first time... WELCOME !!! glad you could make it . Well This month my theme is

  • UFOs
  • Aliens
  • ...what's " OUT THERE ".
    As children we grow up staring into the sky. Some of us never quit looking. Others quit noticing till something happens to them to make them notice. There are those of us who laugh, some scoff..others wonder...and still some , beleive. Are we being visited by other life-forms ? Have we always had visitors ? Are they visitors persay, at all ? Maybe they have always been with us. Some say they have the answers, others claim to have been ' given ' the answers. Such a controversial subject, yet after many polls taken .. most of us BELEIVE.

    There are many standings and opinions on this open ended subject. Some say 'they' are coming to give us messages, lessons, truths. Others claim maliciousness , evil, and threat from these otherworldly beings. We( collectively speaking of course) as modern day people claim to have been abducted, poked ,prodded, implanted, probed, taught, brainwashed, .. changed.
    Where does a scientific, yet open mind draw the line ? What is too EXTRA-ordinary ? Or has science come to a cross roads ? Must we leave behind what we know as fact, to be able to even ponder the plausibility of the unknown becoming known, in a way less than obvious to what we had prefviously expected ?
    Finally, I do not want to leave without mention of the few conspiratists . Those out there amongst us, that are convinced not only do we "HAVE" the truth, "We" as a governing society , are working with them.. for them..or worse.. Are them. Who knows ?

    What i do know is that I have compiled a listing of incredible, sites to pore over. From the REAL government sites and reports. To the social "on the edge" sites. I have even found a site addressing ALIEN ABDUCTION..and insurance in case it happens to you . ( AHEM)" I'm not even kidding folks."... It's out there. You can find photos galore,ranging from a week to ten years or more old. Real?.. well you see.. you decide. You can find message boards to talk to those who beleive, or those who beleive they have been abducted. There are even sites so controversial, they have been shut down... or at least temporarily out of order...while they were reviewed ( ahem). I will list sites that have seen all forms of media attention because of their controversial material, from RADIO, to television, to those t.v. news programs.
    Just some food for thought. Some people even beleive that a sudden interest in the "unknown... out there " , and a sudden 'hunger' for knowledge is a sign after effect of abduction. I wonder... How did you find my site ?.. Was it an accident ?.. a whim ?.. were you told about this site ? ... Was it sent to you to check out ?...hmmmmm and if so.. Why did you come?..
    ..........Sit back and enjoy and venture with me to the possible ... open your mind ( you'll have to). Perhaps you will change your present mind, or will be even more convinced of where you stand already. Careful, you may never look at things the same EVER again...
    Drop me an email . Send a comment. "PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK " I welcome your comments and suggestions...

    Who am I that wrote this page ?...TO MY Personal PICTURE PAGES ( see me and my friends) !"

    " BLACK VAULT " webpage..The ultimate in controversy. This site has been dragged through the news numerous times because of its content. Is this webbuilder too close to the truth? You decide.

    My favorite info. page With great reading. ALWAYS an ALIEN UFO story to be found, right from the everday REAl media around the country.

    Science Logic and the info. DEBATE .

    NEED SOME ALIEN ABDUCTION INSURANCE ? No I am not kidding.. go here..

    I promised you the REAL DEAL.. here it is the NSA site. A place where you can go see the documents they supposedly have released to us now...( AHEM..)

    This is an awesomely FUN and interesting site i go there daily. They have it all! you can even listen to archived lists of the art bell radio show !!


    Want to take the educational route? Trust the publics way of educating ? Here's the " Nova " site on PBS..features nterviews and pictures of famous UFO related authors, etc..Alot of useful informative things here. A definite good couple of hours can be lost here."

    Another interesting place to see.

    Are you being watched? We know you've been here. Care to tell US why?.........SIGN IN......

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    " We are all numbered....did THEY do it?"

    A THOUGHT...
    Stare into the vastness of night. Are you alone looking into the depths of the unknown? Are you seeing the culmination of new life at its very most beginnings? Are you staring unto other worlds of unfathomable intelligence and emotion? Is there a kindness, a pureness yet unknown to us, out there amongst the beauty of the lights? Are we nothing but seeded futures waiting to be harvested, to be collected for a greater purpose? ...Is there another heartbeat behind eyes looking upon you...? ..and I alone?
    just Stare.

    They are out there.....

    Thank you to my friend for the know who you are.