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Ka Nai'a Outrigger Home Page

Welcome to the world of Ka Nai'a Outrigger Canoe Club of Santa Barbara

Information About The Club

Who We Are
Where to go and who to contact

Up and Coming Events (Ka Nai'a Rig Run..May 12, 2001)
2001 Season Race Schedule
2001 Season Race Results
2001 Practice Schedule


Women's Ventura Finish 2000
Ka Nai'a Pictures 1999
Catalina 1999


To view the videos you will need to use Netscape Navigator and have a Quicktime player . Please visit the Netscape and Quicktime links to download browser and player.

NEW Coed Catalina 2000(4.6MB Video)NEW
NEW Open Men Catalina 2000 and Dolphin Footage(4.6MB Video)NEW
NEW Open Womens 9-Man in Oceanside 2000 (4.9 MB Video)NEW
Crystal Pier 2000 Coed Ironman (4.6MB Video)
Crystal Pier 2000 Men's Ironman (4.8MB Video)
Catalina 1999 Finish (4.3MB Video and Pictures)


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Orchid Outrigger
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Thank you for visiting the Ka Nai'a Outrigger Home page. We will continue to update as the 2000 season progresses with more pictures and videos. Come back and visit again!



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