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hiyas!! welcome to OUR home!!

~*~ a lil' bit about us ~*~

NAME: mr & mrs "bee n hunnie" nguyen
HOW WE MET: in the most unexpected way...i tracked him down, he tracked me down. we were both attracted each other so i followed him around and he caught me. little did i know, he was lookin for me, too. looong story.

HOW WE LOVE: undoubtly 210% true, real, pure, and endlessly...

FUTURE: together we'll be till forever and ever and ever and ever...

song playing = this i swear by nick lachey

well, now that you know a lil' bit about us... we'll start on what this page is about. it's all about love. it's to show that true and real love does exist. yes, true love is definitely different from real love... (and luckily, i, lil' merrie berrie, the wife, have found the one man that can give me both. im THAT demanding).
we decided to make our true and real love "official" therefore, we got married!! (yes, my idea... hahaha).
SO this is OUR wedding story. (SORRY GUYS. THERE ARE NO BACHELOR PARTY PICS POSTED HERE. jim would get into too much trouble.).
many things that dealt with this wedding wasn't picture perfect... nor was it the storybook wedding... but no matter what, through it all, our love shined right through ... through the good, the bad, and the totally ugly of all uglies...
we had to stand up to the true test of time and we made it through... TOGETHER. my baby took care of everything and made it very personalized towards what i wanted. he wanted me to have a dream wedding therefore, he made my dreams come true. the ring on my finger, he put it on me with his hard earned money. my dress, he picked out. our invitation, his uncle from vietnam made it happen... ivory silk invitation.... tell me im not spoiled. our cake? no other than Das Meyers... my dream cake...i remember trying it at a galleria and told him about how that's my dream cake but will never understand who could afford it... then he went beyond that and got me the cake of my dreams with a chandalier setting and that's the most expensive one there, but he did it for me...and his reason was 'because i wanted it'. our song? we picked it together and let's just say he was sooo picky about it. it was wonderful having him decide many things with me and when i asked him, he would tell me "it's because i care" and that's all i needed to hear. ANYWAY
you're not here to hear about all that. you're here to see pictures and that's what i'll give ya!! first of all, i'm adding in lil' by little cos there's a whole lot more pics that i luv that have not yet scanned so please be patient!! well, here it is! enjoy!

we have four main milestones. 1. august 28th - when he finally took my hand and made me his 'girl'. 2. august 18th - our engagement 3. june 8th - our wedding 4. may 21st - the birth of our beautiful little girl.


my family before mr. handsome man arrived
me and my dolls!! gettin nervous!!
the wedding party at mother-in-law's home
skipping right to the reception site. this was the pic on display.
the YUMMY wedding cake i kept on bragging about. chocolate toll house and strawberry champagne sponge cake!!
my daddy, my uncle pete, and my uncle vincent. the other main men in my life
the soon to be newlyweds khai and thao.i can't stand still for pics...just noticed that. wait, we were dancing and got snapped for pics.
and here's liem and khai doing their speech full of LIES!!!!! all lies!!!!!
here i stand with beautiful trang and always a classic thao.
the most important thing that i worried that nite... if my grandfather was gonna sing... and he did... it still aches my heart... *sniff* i luv him soooo much.
here's us after the wedding at the alter. getting our relationship blessed and receiving this sacrament is the most important step in my life. without GOD, i wouldn't be here, without HIM, i wouldn't have the perfect family, without HIM, i wouldn't have my hunnie, and without HIM, we woulda never made it to the alter. HE gave us the strength and the power of love to take us through it all, and without HIM, we wouldn't have a lil' blessing hannah. THANK GOD!
here's our special attraction. he never fails to makes us laugh and he ALWAYS has the best pictures. im officially jealous. if you remember our engagement pics that were posted, he was the one grabbin my hun... here's to you chon... and thank you for makin our special day even more special. sorry i took your man. =)

and here's my hunnie with his best men khai and liem.
the men of the show.
my hunnie and khai again
480 guests later and i am pooped. with my shoes off, our party is over and it's time to go home to open presents!!
and last but not least, the father/daughter dance. we danced to steve tyrell's 'way you look tonite' and it was a very emotional moment for both of us. i love my daddy with all my heart and soul and im so lucky to be his lil' girl. im still his lil' girl and forever will be. this dance will never be forgotten...

well, that is all for now, so till my next update, visit my other pages. geez... what did you think id say? same bat time, same bat channel or something? kizzez and stuff. nite!!

please take a peep here for more pics!!

all about my DADDY, the HERO!!