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This is Lilly. She is a grey welsh mountain pony mare,11.2HH, foaled in 1984. Her sire is Cherrytree Lupin and her dam is Kirreway Vanity Fair. At the time of the photo she was 15 and she is shown competeing at the Geelong Riding Club Spring Horse show with me on board. It was our 3rd last show before she was sold and I moved to New Zealand. Her Registered name was Bedar Victoria Plumb. She participated in Pony Club events up to C+ Level and she excelled at showing (both In-hand and On the Flat ridden classes).

Cherokee, or Northern Spy, was a 13.3HH, Bay pony of unknown breeding. He was thought to be ArabXWelsh Mountain but none of that could be proved. He was 5 when this photo was taken, at this time he had a problem with bolting, He was unsafe for me to ride. Eventually I got him working alright and I was able to take him out. He never excelled in the showring, his talents lay in the games arena where he particulary loved "Flag and Barrel Racing, "Bending" and "Musical Chairs", he also loved One Day Events.

Trigger or Lincaca Edition was a chestnut Colt that we bought for AU$100 in 1996. He was 6months old then and VERY unruly and hard to manage. He was intensely frightened of humans and when we got him home we spent long hours trying to teach him that we weren't going to hurt him. Eventually he learn't that we were his friends and we were able to take him for walks along the road in his halter beside Lilly. He was gelded in late 1996 and the picture was taken the day after he was 'done'. He was quite well bred, being Australian Pony X Welsh Mountain, His sire was the Multi Royal Champion Australian Pony Stallion Robbarie Chango and his dam was a Welsh Mountain Section A mare by the name of Carlyle Swansea.In the short time I had Trigger we taught him to lead, tie up, wear a saddle and bridle, take a bit and lead off another horse. Also how to wear a rug and have his feet trimmed. We turned him from an unruly little animal to a quite nice mannered little pony. He was never shown while I had him. He was probably the greatest learning experience for me in the horsey world.

Sally or SALSA MYSTERY was my first horse in New Zealand. She is a beautiful 16hh thoroughbred mare by Pevero (IRE). She was Trialled once for a 3rd last and didnt show anything afterwards so was sold as a ShowJumper. She was an ellegant Dressage horse, although sometimes she got too hot for the discipline, she loved One Day Events, especially the Cross Country!. She also loved games and everything in Pony Club. She was a perfect pony club mount and took me to my C+ and was well capable for B certificate level. She is registered with the NZEF and competes in Prelim/Novice Dressage. She is sold to a girl who usues her for Pony Club as I have other commitments here at University.