......ONE LOVE

I would like to thank everyone who has been there for me in my life.
This includes my friends, family, and my love of music.

Thanks to my family: Mom, Dad, Jenny (get a job bum), Jeff (white hen pride!), Jason (the coolest kid i know), and Pat (pizzat you are almost one of the family)

MASSIVE Amounts of thanks to my Friends...or the ones i call friends at least: First of all i'd like to thank both wisconsin death trip groups (fall 1999 and summer 2000) for the best vacations of my life. I'll never forget either of them. To the Wisconsin 2000 posse thanks to Steve, Brandan, Noel, Tony, Layla, Amy, Tiffany, and Pam. That trip ruled besides all the rain (I still haven't seen the pics yet...someone show them to me). To the 1999 Wisconsin posse thanks to Steve, Brandan, Tony, Sean, Tate, and of course six toes (retard shot himself in the hand). Safari kicked ass. Nothing beat the golf carts. Other people i'd like to thank that didnt make the wisconsin trips are Chris, ray,, Doug, The Rod, Johnkind (BANG BANG!), Amanda, Andy, jennifer, oklahoma!! (katie) and anyone else i've partied with or has dealt with me.

Thanks to these bands: Deftones, Glassjaw, Finch, The Movielife, Alkaline Trio, Mudvayne, Incubus, Factory 81, Boy Hits Car, Cold, Taproot, Local H, Fig Dish, (hed) p.e., Professional Murder Music, Machine Head, Stabbing Westward, Spineshank, Triple Fast Action, Snot, Staind, Videodrone, Pearl Jam, Pantera, Korn, Orgy, Amen, Endo, Pitchshifter, Powerman 5000, Slipknot, Nonpoint Soulfly, Seaweed, Veruca Salt, Sevendust, Static-X, Soundgarden, Tool, A Perfect Circle, DMX, Lox, Drag-On (and all the Ruff Ryders), Twiztid, Weezer
..... I probably missed some bands, but I'll update it when I think I found one that I didn't list