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Counting the days until I get some (snot song).
people Welcome to my web page. My name is Jeremy, I'm a freshman at roosevelt University in schaumburg/chicago,Illinois. I am currently studying stuff, but am doing so badly I see myself possibly switching majors. My main "hobbies" are watching mtvx and mtv2, listening to music, sleeping, and masturbating. I listen to many kinds of music, mostly that in the "kick some one in the fucking teeth" label. Some of the bands I listen to are Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, and Dying Fetus. (See music page for more). As a resident of Chicago-suburb Elk Grove Village, I have ties with the Chicago sports teams, like the Blackhawks, and Sox, the rest suck. I have carried those ties even thoughthe hawks cant win and the sox blow it always. Political bent: she's a politician!!!!. And as Chris may say "FUCK OFF REPUBLICAN FAGGOTS!!". I have AOL instant messenger, so if you, for whatever reason, want to talk or something, my screen name is minusblindfold02. You can also e-mail me at: balltongue@hotmail.com. Go check out my music web page: http://angelfire.com/stars2/firststar.

Warning: This page contains language and views that some people may find "offensive". If you, for example, are one of those people who are afraid of HARDCORE PORN may want to leave right now. Papa Roach/P.O.D. supporters might as well jump in a lake.

This site is still in it's construction phase. It will be updated in time.
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