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This site is dedicated to bands that have influenced my life. I also dedicate this site to my friends and family. Click here to see who those people are.


"tip your bartender"

<<<<-<<<< is it just me or are doug and randy from finch the same person?? >>>>->>>>

this is where i reckon i'll put's gonna update alot so be prepared yo

-feb 27, 2002- ive been updating lyrics cd wise in alphabetical site is almost done..thursday concert tommorow...oh yeah!!
-feb 23, 2002- blue is just the site coming soon...very soon...better organized...easier to navigate...its almost done..hopefully by march in time for the 2 year anniversary..if school and work allows it
-feb 19, 2002- "white hen-ed" the page..may not be permanent ...corporate hen likes it...explanation: corporate white hen is changing the white hen colors from the weird orangish brown to blue..cause "it makes it better"
-feb 18, 2002- added "worship and tribute" updates click here or the floating daryl has a link...18 more days!!
-feb 16, 2002- added a guestbook....sign it if you'd like..i may be changing it around a bit
-feb 07, 2002- added lyrics to thursdays "waiting"...not finished yet..almost i got tired and im going to bed...came up with a new idea..not sure if ill put it on here or not..
-feb 04, 2002- added floating daryl....updated concerts, blackhawks, cds, etc...
-feb 01, 2002- added thursday lyrics for "full collapse" ..."waiting" coming soon....
-jan 22, 2002- added new mp3s!! seaweed and alkaline trio!!! added lyrics to alkaline trio/ hot water music split e.p.
-jan 16, 2002- added blackhawks stats...check 'em out.........funny stuff
-jan 10, 2002- took down finch mp3s and lyrics becuase the band has emailed me and asked me to do so....i don't see what so bad about having the lyrics that i worked my ass off typing..but i do agree with the mp3 thing....i cant believe the band actually has seen my crappy website...well if you guys see it again...look i took em off and i think you guys rule..or else i would have kept them on here...oh yeah and COME PLAY IN CHICAGO SOON!!!!!!
-jan 08, 2002- added finch lyrics for "what it is to burn" most are complete, but unofficial
-jan 06, 2002- added mp3 mp3s on main page..
-dec 26, 2001- added veruca salt....merry christmas everyone!
-dec 19, 2001- added lyrics to "metro" by alkaline trio which came out on a vagrant records comp today...its chris' birthday..happy birthday chris! added something else but i the way finch rules!!
-dec 13, 2001- added finch lyrics for "untitled" and added a page for the upcoming cd "what it is to burn", local h "here comes the zoo" track list added on cd releases...added incubus "morning view" lyrics.....and added few fun game links
-dec 11, 2001- added tripl3fastaction page
-dec 9, 2001- updated the main page and links
-dec 6, 2001- updated concerts, links, cds, and hawks schedule...go hawks!!!
-nov 20, 2001- new finch out today on "welcome to the family" it!! lyrics posted for "what it is to burn" email me corrections
-nov 13, 2001- new movielife out today called "...has a gambling problem" go buy it, lyrics are up already
-nov 11, 2001- added a ton of stuff..just look..maybe new site design soon...we'll the way finch rules

random thoughts

-feb 10, 2002- I was very sadden to learn of a post stabbing westward put on their official site....they have officialy called it quits..i will miss them very much....but with 4 masterpiece cds.what more could you ask for..thanks guys..on a totaly unrelated topic..i went to the car show today and ate chinese food...then watched tv all fun fun....peace
-feb 09, 2002- Happy Birthday JENNY!! Today i drove all the way out to fireside bowl only to see the lawrence arms show was sold out....i ate popeyes...remind me not to do that again...glassJAw played a show last night in cali, 3 new songs and even gave the new album a title "worship and tribute"
-jan 27, 2002- weird week, sometimes you can learn so much from so little said, sometimes things are like sand you can hold on so much and it still slips away..and you deal with it and it's all good..everything goes in all comes happy...and on another note, i heard this band named thursday and was blown the mp3s ill put some up soon...i promise..////\\\\ i got my finch shirts!!! i wore em both obsessed.....oh yeah !! 30 more madden cards to always comes second to everything// some people can piss you off alot, eevn if you dont know them. lady at work telling me how to do my job can go straight to hell for all i care...i know my customers..dumb people, i think its now up to 99.12% of people suck
-jan 20, 2002- worked all jeff to switch hours with me...went to the hawks game...they beat belfour!!!!
-jan 19, 2002- watched football...bears lose!!! yeah!!! sat around, dougs lung blew up, then i went to dougs, sat around there....
-jan 18, 2002- worked all day ...everyone came by and we sat around ...watched tv and stuff..
-jan 17, 2002- woke up ...went to lunch with steve and layla called into work...then sat around all night doing nothing with stuff...
-jan 16, 2002- went to play football in the snow..crazyiness....then i worked all night...yeah
-jan 15, 2002- worked all day...listened to finch...found some classes..steve and i played soem madden..found some more classes...and listened to more finch...they rule
-jan 14, 2002- worked all home...went to the hawks game...hawks win!!!
-jan 13, 2002- woke up watched some football...played some football..went out for my birthday dinner a month home played uno with my grandma and family..then listened to finch....
-jan 12, 2002- worked ...listened to finch..went to drunk...had fun.. -jan 11, 2002- worked all home played some hockey...steve and doug came by..then brandan did, then they left and i listened to finch all night
-jan 10, 2002- sat around all day listened to finch..played some hockey...noel brandan steve and doug came over and we chilled all night ..madden again what a shock...
-jan 09, 2002- worked all night like evry wednesday...amy and layla visited for like 2 hours..steve stopped in ..i didnt do any work...whoops...
-jan 08, 2002- woke up and went to work an hour early...stayed an hour late cause humming ray didnt show up on home and listened to finch all night...steve came over and we made him a cd....
-jan 07, 2002- worked in the morning.....then i watched raw with steve...HHH came back...he is ripped....i got new finch cd on mp3!!!!!!! YEAHH!!! IM SO MOIST!!! haha...FINCH!!!! i added mp3s of it...burned 3 copies one for me, steve, and jeff..if ya want one email has their ep, full length, and "what it is to burn" on it....ultimate finch collection!!! so happy..i stayed up all night watching stupid stuff on tv with steve and ruled!!
-jan 06, 2002- i sat at home all morning and did nothing then i went to the hawks game....hawks win!!
-jan 05, 2002- i worked in the morning and i almost threw the lotto machne...someone better win the big i realized that some customers aren't that customer offered me free bulls tickets, but to steal steve's words "i'd rather watch 3rd grade soccer".....after work i went over to brandans after chillin a while at home and we met melissa and kim again..brandans internet chicks...then we went to dougs and everyone came over and we drank and had a good old time..actually had a really fun saturday in my opinion....
-jan 04, 2002- worked my mad fat cash christmas bonus....went home..went to dougs...sat there....people came by all night ..we just sat stuff on our friday night....hawks win!!!
-jan 03, 2002- worked all home played madden with doug and steve...thats all we seem to do now...ever notice 90% of peopel with handicapped signs dont even need em?? mr giardiniera no oil guy left today for the next three months so no more making hhis sandwhich...
-jan 02, 2002- woke up at like 11:30 played video games and watched tv...sat around..went to home played more video games...after talking to some retard at work i am totally convinced this whole september 11 thing is faked and a conspiracy w. bush is kinda like women's basketball and harper college they are all a joke...
-jan 01, 2002- happy new year started off with waking up in a hotel after 1 and a half to 2 hours of sleep and amy waking me up..then me going home and showering and working all day..after that i went to my grandmas to play cards i got molested like a 14 year old black girl in the projects..
-dec 31, 2001- last day of the year...on of the funnest days of the year in my opinion also.....i woke up ..played smash bros all morning, then layla bought me and steve food at olive garden for and steve played and doug played more madden....watched the blackhawks beat ottawa in OT with a Daze hat trick...then i went to a hotel and chilled all wasted and didnt get to sleep.happy new year!
past thoughts
qoute of the day

-feb 10, 2002- "She means nothing......"- "vermont connection" by glassJAw
-feb 09, 2002- "Things will change......"- "the snow veil" by glassJAw
-feb 08, 2002- "embody me, with your body....I've never seen it. are you happy?"- "majour" by glassJAw
-feb 07, 2002- "i don't want to feel this way forever...."- "understanding in a car crash" by thursday
-feb 06, 2002- "I'm crossing the line, talking to the other side of death. Hearing the words that choke memories into flat lines. I'm calling your name hoping for something to wash these dreams of you away"- "cross out the eyes" by thursday
-feb 05, 2002- "this is what its like to be alone..."- "everythign you ever wanted to know about silence" by glassJAw
-jan 20, 2002- "forget how not to sleep alone, skinned my back when i met you..go far away..another month to regress through, these feelings never stay"- "oversight" by seaweed
-jan 19, 2002- "My flaws are the only thing left thats pure. Can't really live, can't really endure. Everything I see reminds me of her, god I wish I didn't care anymore. The more I touch, the less I feel. I'm lying to myself that it's not real"- "everythign ends" by slipknot
-jan 18, 2002- "now you can feel like i felt, now you can feel like mine. now you can deal what i dealt now you can deal with mine"- "one inch punch" by seaweed
-jan 17, 2002- "like a bad star im falling faster down to her. shes the only one who knows what it is to burn"- "what it is to burn" by finch
-jan 16, 2002- "We connect like puzzle pieces. Look into my eyes no words are needed. Where have you been all my life? I seek you on every corner. Thought you were the devil or maybe my lover. You opened up my eyes."- "faceplant" by videodrone
-jan 15, 2002- "open up my eyes, flood it with day light. another sleepless night turns color black and white. with all the things i've said there is just regret repeating in my head"- "three simple words" by finch
-jan 13, 2002- "the storm is bad tonight, so how could i....awake without you here...your pictures on the wall, you haven't called but i'll wait for you"- "without you here" by finch
-jan 12, 2002- "the worst is over for now....take a breathe, now let it out"- "song#2" by finch
-jan 08, 2002- "alone at last. together in a photograph. our eyes are always open devoted to perfection through silence. what am i supposed to do? should i sit and wait for you? listen to me screaming more"- "perfection through silence" by finch
-jan 07, 2002- "think of us in open air hand in hand and i said stay with me 'cause every star that i see is brighter than the last, so stay with me"- "stay with me" by finch
-jan 06, 2002- "I'm not gonna sit and watch you fuck my life, 'cause I've got 9 more fingernails to bite off and friends money couldn't buy"- "barefoot" by the movielife
-jan 05, 2002- "There's something about the look in your eyes. Something I noticed when the light was just right. It reminded me twice that I was alive and it reminded me that you're so worth the fight"- "echo" by incubus
-jan 04, 2002- "I have given you everything I have to give you. everything I am able to give, taking into consideration your reluctance to accept anything I have to offer. I'm tired of living my life for you! I'm tired of living my life for everyone else in this fucking world! I'm tired of living!"- "crushing me" by stabbing westward
-jan 03, 2002- "It's too hot now to fall asleep, so i'll just lie here and watch you breathe. in the morning you'll be gone, like everything i've ever loved. so just kiss me before you go. kiss me before you go, promise to kiss me before you go."- "dawn" by stabbingwestward
-jan 02, 2002- "disappointment hurts you now you know why not to try"- "quiet storm king" by fig dish
-jan 01, 2002- "i believed in nothing, but you believed in me, i thought that life was worthless but you told me i'm a star. god i've never been loved by an angel. i've never felt anything so pure. god i've never been loved by an angel, until tonight when you're everything i hoped"- "angel" by stabbing westward
-dec 31, 2001- "I'm tired of sleeping with myself. I'm tired, all these drinks and drugs no longer help. I'm tired of lying about not thinking of you"- "my friend peter" by alkaline trio
past qoutes
"I need to be best friends with a girl. I don't need someone I can fuck nightly." - daryl palumbo

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