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this is where i reckon i'll put's gonna update alot so be prepared yo

-Aug 04, 2002- its been a while since the last update...i have a few bands to be added soon...mainly the lawrence arms, ved red, and caviar....maybe ill get some done today..
-June 26, 2002- added the used and seaweed....both rocking bands..check em out...12 more days till glassjaw...w/t...
-May 27, 2002- added worship and tribute lyrics....not even close to accurate but they are up so don't complain...
-May 26, 2002- bored...and listening to worship and i made a new ad for it...making updated page for it...W/T 7.9.2
-Apr 09, 2002- added kiss kiss bang bang words...i was the pic of the cd on the lyrics page to see 'em
-Mar 25, 2002- added playoff race thingy jaysin made on paper but i made web version cause i rock
-Mar 12, 2002- NEW FINCH IS OUT!!! "what it is to burn" GO BUY IT !!!! NOW!!!! lyrics are up and almost done, "project mayhem" still needs some work.....yes..i am moist...
-Mar 07, 2002- The NEW site is here!! sorry its not much different but i've been busy with school and stuff..let me know what ya think..peace
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-Aug 04,2002- wow...its august 4th already..i need to update more...happy birthday to ya layla..youre 19 now...i think that makes you able to do dunno if 19 is legal age for anything..oh well...since the last update lots has happened, worship and tribute is FINALLY out!! whoo it!! i saw warped tour..and been drinking and life...well thats my update for now..
-June 1, 2002- its already june..crazy...time flies..i just said bye to everyone..brandan if you read this i was gonna call but it was like 10 so i didnt know if youd be awake...sorry....i hear some of new nonpoint today...sounds pretty good...i wanan hear the singers song on the new cold cd..that'll rock..finch on monday...i dunno..i have a headache..lack of sleep gonna go give my head a rest
-May 31, 2002- wow..haven't done this in a happened since last update ...saw glassjaw 3 times oh yeah! um got w/t cd...get to see finch monday...i cant wait...almost all my friends are leaving the country sunday today we are having a fun going away blast with em...and tomorrow im bored...its friday and its raining now...even though someone told me no rain today..oh well sunshowers rock..too bad the sun balrring vex red..they are very good ..different... i like stuff....Vex Red..maybe i'll put em on the site ..there cd comes out in july i think..same day as glassjaw i reckon...well thats all for now..peace.
-Apr 09, 2002- got to see the movielife last night at the house of blues....awesome show...the new guitar player didnt know all the stuff so the set was kinda limited..vinnie apologized...they played a new song called "Kelly's Song" or at least its about a chick named Kelly...pretty good..kinda different...ended with "once in a row" instead of "another friend" like im used to them closing with , probably due to the fill in guitarist..i got there just in time for movielife thanks to steve dropping me off at the door. steve entertained me and doug in the car with the st. patricks day was hilarious...i missed thrice but hear they rocked..midtown sucked i thought...face to face was actually pretty good...i recognized a couple songs...before the concert had to be one of the most boring days ive had in a while..i almost beat gauntlet and i talked online for hours...class was ten minutes...we got our tests back and left , i got a B oh yeah! well time to get ready for work
-Apr 06, 2002- last night...worked with jeff in the morning..we got paid to eat doritos...whoops...gauntlet...lots of free cell, then out with brandan doug steve and tiffany...then adam kathy norb and everyone but brandan went bowling, cause brandan has some guy "cleaning his vent" today. tons and tons of gj dates announced..first date of warped tour and first date of ozzfest are BOTH in chicago!! whoo hoo!!!....that'll be at least 5 shows from now till aug 10...glassJAw!!! oh yeah and finch rescheduled the wisconsin show..june 1st...yes!! lifes looking lots better...except the hawks lost...well off to work
-Apr 04, 2002- hungover...yesterday i talked to layla first time in her steve and doug went to northern...wasted wednesday they say...we were all wasted..dont know about them....i got someones sweatshirt...cant find my alkaline trio cd, a flag on my car, and a bottle of vodka in my car...oh well i had fun..subway bozo buckets..what was that....haha..and i got us lost on the way there...gj dates announced..times ten..times ten..
-Apr 01, 2002- april fools day. wow. who cares. well anyways yesterday had the family and stuff over and we all ate too much...the other day i found this dudes wallet at work so i gave it to bob the cop and he got it back to the guy. the guy came into work yesterday and dropped off a card with 20$ in it for me..what a nice guy..guess it pays to be honest (even though i coulda made about 100$ more if i took the money in it..haha)...monday mornings suck..i think its time for the gauntlet/threes company/days routine..
-Mar 31, 2002- happy easter!! ok enough about easter, its not even a holiday, it sucks...well anyways last night the lawrence arms at fireside...crazy stuff awesome show..kfc with bullet proof glass, dont get much more ghetto than steve and doug got there and cut in line with brandon and jim...then melissa and her friend monica i knew a bunch of people there. the first band sucked, thursday rip off band..they busted out a trumpet and i was gonna kill someone..well, before they played we saw chris from lawrence arms go by and steve kept calling him neil...and told him to play 106 was chris' birthday and he was wasted..then melissa offered a tampon to this guy coming out of the bathroom and it was the singer form the funny is that...haha..well the starting line played , sounded like nfg. then yellow card sounded like saves the me and steve chilled on the floor and looked at women...then lawrence arms palyed and it rocked! doug was nuts as usual ...brendan was drunk and made fun of hoobastank...haha..they played a pretty good set.."corpses of our motivations" "quincintuple your money" and "hey, whattime is 'pensocola wings of gold' on anyways" (YES!!!! they PLAYED IT!!) were the highlights. i guess doug and melissa talked to brendan for a while before the show and melissa told him to play "hey, whattime is 'pensocola wings of gold' on anyways" and maybe it got through to him...that song and steve dominated the times...well family time...later
-Mar 30, 2002- tonight im going to lawrence arms, whoo i cant wait, they better playt "hey, whattime is 'pensocola wings of gold' on anyways"....yesterday i went to china buffet and im still feeling the effects...haha..i played more gauntlet, my guy is huge..brandans jealous and steves scared to play with us haha. well time to leave to lawrence arms....peace yo fo shizzle..oh yeah hawks won again..PASSMORE!
-Mar 27, 2002- yesterday i didnt even win the big game...i played a bunch of cool numbers too, i got 2 numbers. one was 17 cause laurie told me to pick it and the other was 01, jaysin woulda been proud of me because four of my five numbers were the blackhawks record 36,23,12,1....well anyways..being back in school sucks. i was thinking about my spring break and how i did pretty much nothing except get wasted at NIU one night, and recently how ive heard from a bunch of old friends, such as johnkind, tony, sean ,amanda, and i even talked to pam....crazy...gauntlet guy (yellow mr t) is gonna dominate. ok time for more gauntlet..p.s. go hawks!
-Mar 26, 2002- yesterday i worked all day, work is dead on monday nights, i think everyone is watching raw. the ladys at mary kay all get together and watch it, im almost sure they do, cause they all get together monday nights from 8-10. the draft was kinda dumb, i think vince got the better of the wrestlers. vincce got angle, benoit, edge, jericho, lance storm, and christian. they all can actually wrestle and put on a good show. plus he got stacy keibler!! flair got van dam, the nWo, lita and the hardys, goldust,and justin credible, and thats about the bulk of who can actually put on a good match....oh well i think the roster split is gonna suck....well three's company time..later.
-Mar 25, 2002- it happens everytime i was my car, it either snows or rains and today i get outta class and what a surprise its snowing! well yesterday i was informed my favorite sister and the P got a house..congrats to them (if the loan goes through).....blackhawks win yesterday coming back from 3 - 1 with 4 minutes left in the game and winning it 4 - 3 in OT. Go hawks! you better win cause there are 6 playoff games that i have tickets to that i wanna use...i have an extra ticket for each game so let me know if ya wanna come..gauntlet rocks..played till 2 in the morning..spring breaks over...raw tonight..roster split gotta tape that..cause i gotta work...well time to resta bit before brandan comes...bye
-Mar 24, 2002- this friday is the 2 year anniversary of the first star being on the web...celebrate..get drunk have fun..stuff like dat. brandan is pissed cause i never update anymore. its probably cause i never do anything anymore. well here just for you brandan. its sunday morning. im bored. i washed my car and when i got home i saw kreiger and fong drive by. they waved. um, last night johnkind came over and we watched royal rumble 95 and some of survivor series 97. old school wrestling rocked. steve and doug got wendys and came here for a bit. jaysin got hawks playoff tickets for the first 6 games ..with my money! who knows whats gonna happen today. im assuming simpsons, but who knows. im listening to S.C.I.E.N.C.E. this cd rocks...brandon boyd's voice rules. well that's good enough for now i guess...time to pay some bills...
-Mar 12, 2002- buy finch!!!!!
-Mar 07, 2002- new designs don't always mean i'm gonna test this cheezenip out for a while , i still have the old site saved so...who knows
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-Aug 04, 2002- "she's as american as 3.1416"- "the good times are over" by caviar
-June 1, 2002- "the way you look at me confuses me, even with you next to me...your signs are pointing to no where..and thats exactly where i wont go.." "- "your signs" by nonpoint
-May 31, 2002- "You sleep to rest your head but me, I sleep to dream..I get so bored, make your move now..I won't waste away for you. Don't bring me down..We're the same...I am crying outloud too. I'm feeling all your pain. You know I feel the same. You really shouldn't question me."- "itch" by vex red
-Apr 09, 2002- "you pulled my heart out of my chest and held it in front of my face"- "racer" by the movielife
-Apr 06, 2002- " mind tricks my body, my body thinks my mind is crazy..."- "midwestern stylings" by glassJAw
-Apr 04, 2002- "do you think i'm missing??" - "tewt" by glassJAw
-Apr 01, 2002- "here i am beside myself again. i'm torn apart by words that you have said. and all in all i know we're falling apart. where did you run to so far away"- "ender" by finch
-Mar 31, 2002- "sleep all day, drink the life's another step closer to the comfort of the grave, when you're more beautiful than you were on the day that we first met..."- "The Corpses Of Our Motivations" by the lawrence arms
-Mar 30, 2002- "i dreamed that i slept and i actually dreamed. don't forget to forget that you forgot me, because when i show up at your door i'm gonna remember that you are my firend and fall asleep on your floor"- "boatless booze cruise (part 1") by the lawrence arms
-Mar 27, 2002- "There's this hope in my brain, and it's all covered in prayers. There's a girl in this town who doesn't know I exist. There's a wounded sense of pride and a pain in my fist. There's 12 empty bottles on this table tonight."- Quincentuple Your Money by the lawrence arms
-Mar 26, 2002- "Talking to this bitch, She hates me. I hate her. So shut me up and take me somewhere. I'm dying to leave."- "Hey, What Time Is 'Pensacola: Wings Of Gold' On Anyway?" by the lawrence arms
-Mar 25, 2002- "I'm wasting away...I find time to pine when pining away my time. within sin, with no redemption, we will find our souls and the shells they're kept in.....all wasted away"- "everything you ever wanted to know about silence" by glassjaw
-Mar 24, 2002- "we rendezvous at a quarter-two, and make sure we're alone. i may have found the way for you and i to finally be free....."- "summer romance (anti-gravity love song)" by incubus
-Mar 07, 2002- "Things will change......"- "the snow veil" by glassJAw
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"I need to be best friends with a girl. I don't need someone I can fuck nightly." - daryl palumbo

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