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consider it a preview
01. "not throwing stones at you anymore...."
02. "you might lose the one you....times ten"
03. "people whisper it makes her nervous"
04. "you're the reason i cannot forget this season or the letter when you first refered to it"
05. "youre asking "when do i stop?"..WHEN THE BOTTLES EMPTY!"
06. "i dont want to see your face when you feel not alive"
07. "sometimes i get pissed when..."
08. "im not impressed...i guess im not impressed"
09. "here's where the train ride ends...screaming "IS THIS YOUR DECISION!" we were the best of friends..i'll go no where...this isnt where i found you"
10. "tell them all about the man who died in love..hurt so deep he lost sight of his world"
11. "am i worshipping or tributing (W/T)...loving crumbling ripping or failing....."
12. "im not ashamed to admit, its not enough to say i love all of you"

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