falling into place falling into place

perfection through silence
alone at last
together in a photograph
our eyes are always open
devoted to perfection through silence
what am i supposed to do
should i sit and wait for you
listen to me screaming more
the story is old
only to those who have no mold
the truth can be bought or sold
but what are we buying
nothing but silence
fold the corners break the silence
fold the corners just for tonight

letters to you
can't you see that i want to be
there with open arms
it's empty tonight and im all alone
get me through this one
do you notice i'm gone
where do you run to so far away
i want you to know that i miss you
i'm writing again
these letters to you arent much i know
but i'm not sleeping you're not here
the thought stops my heart
no more looking
i've found home

todays just like all the others
i'm not alright
i've cried my last tears
i'm bleeding outmy pain
as you scream at me
you've got me waiting by myself
i never wanted more than this
what will it take to get the truth
i'm on my knees
another page of i'm sorries addressed to me
another story for the collection
of memories
folded neatly
and i will never make the same mistake

new kid
i'm on my way back home
i've lost my way
i've gone astray
now i'm on my way back home
they'll let me in from the cold
i'm the new kid
like everybody
cause everybody lives again
i'm in my new skin
safe in knowing
one day we will meet again
sheltered here in my wings
i won't forget
you're everything
in your heart is where i live
thats alright
you are alive
and now i'm alright