Diary of a Serial Killer

Suddenly I stood in the hallway while the wind unleashed its anger upon my back. The cold 20 shadows lay long on the slightly lit scene. As dusk turned to night the eyes peered at me through the darkness. I watched as time and logic mutated into laughter and colors. One stood before me. When it moved, it became seven, and when it stopped, it became one again. Pressed together in this tiny shack we melted across the floor in a thick blanket. As we were visited by ants on their journey, as well as bees, butterflies, and grasshoppers who were on there way. We suddenly knew no light, no dark, no black no white, and no wrong. Blinded by the high. Gripped by the colors. Nothing was or wasn’t. Everything was an illusion and reality. We were pure energy and light. Our words were music and sound, every sound you could think of and some you could never dream of. Before long, one star appeared revealing that after this long trip, side by foolish side, you were there. Immediately, the connection was shattered. Our eyes fell upon the floor as we dismissed one another and walked away in silence.