Stats 2001-2002

When I am there11120
When Jason is there11120
When Brandan is there6100
When Steve is there4010
When Doug is there2000
When Layla is there1000
When Jeff is there2000
When My Mom and Dad are there1000
When Jenny is there1000
When Asian Jon is there1110
When Mike is there4000
When Rod is there2110
When Marty is there3000
When Jeremy drives6120
When Steve drives3000
When Jeff drives1000
When My Dad drives1000
On a Sunday8230
On a Monday4210
On a Tuesday3401
On a Wednesday7620
On a Thursday8010
On a Friday7530
On a Saturday1420
At the United Center25651
Not at the United Center131770
When Jason wears his jersey4000
When Steve is stoned4010
When Doug throws jalapeno in rod's nachos1000
When Brandan harasses black food vendors1100
When Brandan is called "Gay"6100
When Asian Jon gets called "A better door than window"1000
When Finch is played on the way to the game...therefore making me moist2000
When Doug is wearing Brendan Kelly related Merchandise2000
When Rod eats more than Steve even when Steve is high1000
When Rod eats more than everyone combined2110
When we take the van4000
When we take 2 cars1000
When a black guy in a wheel chair is eating fried chicken outside Churches Chicken1000
When Asian Jon falls over 5 rows down the stands1000
When I wear a sombrero1000
When Jason wears the commando helmet1000
When Mike wears a bears helmet1000
When Brandan wears a double-j cowboy hat1000
When Blackhawks drummers come by us and leave1000
When Doug gets some band to play "symphony of destruction" before the game1000
When raffle ticket chick checks steve out4010
When Marty and Jason Dance after a goal3000
When there is a 40 year old man making out with a 14 year old in front of us0100
When Doug falls asleep during the second period1000
When guy in front of us rolls a joint and smokes it in the smoking section1000

updated: 03/31/02 1:33 p.m.