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80 Days


80 Days is what we had
It's not as if we shared a lot
A fantasy that couldn't last
So now I'll keep it 
In the past

80 Days is what we spent
Hardly a lifetimes commitment
But do I really need
To ask why all my
Dreams will never last?

For 80 Days we had some fun
But now I wish those 
Days were none
Defences down 
My soul stand naked
I knew it would happen
And I knew I'd hate it

80 Days we built for this
Now I can't remember
Our final kiss
My memories are all 
Wiped clean
Yet I can't forget
You were once with me

For 80 Days our lives were one
But it's just a number
Now you're gone
Can't understand it went so fast
Will my future always mirror
My past?

80 Days now over and done
I stand alone my heart feels numb
Perhaps it's how I'll always be
I can't change fate or destiny

For 80 Days 
We shared one path
And now you're gone
I'll wear a mask
To keep me
Safe from hurt and pain
So I won't make mistakes again

Now the days
All seem so hollow
But I'll find new paths
That I can follow
This hurt I feel will fade away
But I'll always have those
80 Days


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