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Ditzy Lebowitz - Her Amazing Links Page!

Greetings and salutations to all of my friends on the world wide web. My name is Ditzy Lebowitz and I am a voluptuous calico kitty of considerable charm and charisma. Thanks to the immense popularity of my websites, my name is now a household word. If that is not the case in your household, I strongly suggest you relocate as soon as possible. For those unfortunates who have not yet had the pleasure of my acquaintance, I shall fill you in. I reside at Chez Lebowitz with my feline friends, Milo, Alison and Otie, who all have their own websites, which are not nearly as popular as mine. We share our abode with our human, Ruth who is our unpaid publicist, ghost-writer, personal amanuensis, and abject slave. I allow her to share cyberspace with me, since she is quite handy when it comes to keeping our bowls overflowing with Meow Mix, my nosh of choice, and those litterboxes don't fill themselves. I guess Ruth is the concierge at Chez Lebowitz. Life at our humble abode is quite congenial. Milo, Alison, Otie and yours truly get along very well, and the human waits on us hand and foot. She even helps edit and shamelessly promote my websites, and since she receives absolutely no remuneration for services rendered, the price is sure right. Besides brains, beauty, and charisma, I am also quite excellent at sumo wrestling and Milo and I try to practice this art every day. So you see, I have many strings to my bow, which makes me a "Renaissance Kitty", or so I've been told. But would you like to know what is my finest trait? It is my modesty. Nothing so endears as the true humility of a cat! Don't you agree? For your surfing pleasure, I have compiled a list of my favorite websites, featuring yours truly of course. Hope you enjoy reading our stories, and happy surfing! Please visit again soon. There is always something new at Chez Lebowitz! Purries, air-kisses, and caviar dreams, Ditzy
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