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Classic Miss & Master

June 2, 2001 Registration starts at 1:00 Pageant stars at 1:30
Midwest City Community Center 100 N. Midwest Blvd. MWC,OK

NAME _______________________________________________________________
AGE __________________ BIRTHDATE______________________________
ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________
CITY, STATE, ZIP ________________________________________________________
PHONE ________________________________
E-MAIL ________________________________
SCHOOL ________________________________
FAVORITES: MEAL _______________________ BOOK ________________________
MUSIC ARTIST ___________________ TV SHOW _________________________
COLOR _____________________ MOVIE _________________________
HOBBIES ______________________________________________________________
SPECIAL INTERESTS ____________________________________________________
FAMILY _______________________________________________________________
SPONSORS _____________________________________________________________
T-SHIRT SIZE (circle one) child S M L adult S M L XL

AGE DIVISION (compete age day of pageant no fallbacks):

Girls  0-23 mo. Baby  2-3 Toddler  4-6 Princess  7-9 Junior
 10-12 Preteen  13-17 Teen  18-22 Miss  23-28 Ms.  Mommy
Boys  0-23 mo. Baby  2-4 Toddler  5-7 Prince  8-12 King
 13-17 Mr.  18-28 Master  Daddy

Platform (girls 10 & up and boys 13 & up):

Pick a topic for your platform that is important to you For example: why an education is important for your future; if I could have any career for a day what would it be and why; etc.



FORMAL WEAR should be a formal gown for all females and a tuxedo for all males.
INTERVIEW will be on stage. Contestant will need to wear Classic Miss & Master T-shirt with dark blue
pants, shorts, or slacks. (Females 10 & up and males 13 & up need to pick a topic for their platform.)
PATRIOTIC COSTUME is for females 0-6 and males 0-7 only. Red, white, and blue; stars and stripes;
casual or glitzy is acceptable. Be creative!!!
TALENT is for females 7 & up and males 8 & up only. Talent should be under 3 1/2 minutes. Make sure all
tapes are cued. Please express your personality.


There will be ONE winner named per age division. This King/Queen will receive a satin banner, beautiful tiara (crown for
the Kings), certificate, discount off of Nationals, and a nice gift. All other contestants will receive a certificate and a gift.


Classic Miss & Master 3012 N. McMillan Bethany,OK 73008
(405) 787-0732 or 789-1549

Entry Fees

__________ $ 95 Entry Fees
__________ $ 15 credit for each referral/ sibling
__________ $ 35 deposit due by May 23, 2001 in secured funds only.
__________ amount due day of pageant
Credit card payments can be made online through PAYPAL on our website at


Rules & Procedures

Please initial each statement below indicating that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the rules. Entry forms submitted
without initial by the statements will be considered incomplete and will be returned.

1. _____ I attest that all information is true and accurate. Falsification of information will result in immediate disqualification and
forfeiture of any and all prizes won. Disqualified contestants are not entitled to a refund.
2. _____ You may enter each category only once.
3. _____ All judges' decisions are final.
4. _____ You are required to show good sportsmanship at all times. If you fail to show good sportsmanship you will receive one
warning and after will be asked to leave with no refund and will not be eligible to participate in any future pageants or activities
of the pageant.
5. _____ If you are crowned as part of our royalty, you must fulfill the duties of the crown listed in the book you will receive
onstage to receive your prize and be recognized as royalty.
6. _____ No video cameras, audio tapes, or pictures may be taken at any of the events sponsored by the Classic Miss & Master
Pageant unless done by pageant staff.
7. _____ All photos, videos, and audio recordings taken at pageant events of my child or me may be used as advertisement for the
Classic Miss & Master Pageant.
8. _____ We do not offer refunds.
9. _____ Birth certificates will be checked at the door. Certified copies only!
10. _____ If less than 5 contestants in an age division, divisions may be combined accordingly.
11. _____ Parents or guardians who accompany children onstage must be in Sunday attire.
12. _____ The facility, the director Valerie Lynne Strain, or the pageant staff are not responsible for any accidents, theft, damages,
losses, or injury that might occur in connection with the pageant.
13. _____ If you are crowned you may not say anything negative about the pageant/pageant system at anytime during your reign
or you will be stripped of your title immediately.
14. _____ You must obey the director at all times.
15. _____ All events will start on time unless otherwise specified. If you are not in lineup when your number/name is called, each
judge for that category will deduct one (1) point.
16. _____ Only 1 winner per age division is allowed. There will be NO double crowning.

My initials above and my signature below indicates that I have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the rules and regulations set
forth by Classic Miss & Master Pageants. I do hereby give my child permission to compete (if under 18) in Classic Miss & Master

Contestant's Signature_______________________________________________ Date________________

Legal Guardian (if under 18)__________________________________________ Date________________

If you have any questions please contact:
Valerie or Michelle at (405) 787-0732 or 789-1549