introduction~ my story

I remember the very first time I requested something. It was a fairy, and I was soo fasinated on how perfect she looked to what I was hoping to get. From that momment on I request a lot of different things; and wondered how I could make them myself.

In the month of June 2000 I wanted to make graphics more than ever, so I tried out psp5 and animation shop. I made CCworks as practice, and after I added all of the needed stuff, I started to get people adopting. *amazed!*, so I added a "request" page, and signed up to make dolls for free for another site called: TheSiteFights. (i work for them as a wee one, graphic maker of the starfighters, and at WOCD)

as soon as I did that, I signed up to be a fighter with CCworks, and I got soo many more requests I have to spend many hours on the computer making them.


I bet you have no idea what goes into making dolls. lol, I didn't either till i spent 3 hours making my first request. Luckly, I got faster quickly, and now my average of making one doll is about 15-30 minutes.

Now...I bet your wondering "Why does she make dolls for people she doesn't know for NOTHING when it takes that much time for each one?"
It is ALL worth it from the feedback I get. thank-you notes, cards, and simply putting my dolls in their site and linking back to me. Seeing my work in other peoples' sites is amazing, and seeing people roll in from other peoples' sites is amazing.

I wrote all of this in so people can know the story of how I made this site, without me typing is over and over

I hope you like your requests, and I hope to see you soon =)