for expage users only to read!

hello expage users, as you know expage makes everything difficult for everyone since it doesn't have a server for you to upload to it. and i bet your wondering "will this site have the codes for expage users?"
The answer is NO, i just have to many dolls and little time to make codes for each doll to be used for expage. BUT, i want you to know how to make the code for yourself so you can do it.
First off get the URL code of the picture you want:
to do this RIGHT CLICK ON IT, and choose Properties (at the botttom). in properties is has "image URL:a URL". copy the url, you'll need it.
how to take that URL and make an image on your site
copy this HTML in the text box:

copy it into somewhere and look at the "fill in the blank stops" where you see "GRAPHIC URL" put the URL of the picture/gif that you just took, and as for the height and width: GUESS, try to think up what size it is (in pixels), then change it a little to get it exact.
EXPAGE is good for being easy for beginners and not having many advertisements but it puts it's users at a dissadvantage. if you have any questions e-mail me

and good luck!!! =)