Read some writen comments!

Since i opened up, i've goten comments, and of course they kept pileing up in my favorite-places because i don't want to give them up! lol, so...i thought i'd post them on a site for all to see some of the ones i still have. None of these comments will have names or e-mails of the writers. I want their privacy to stay private.(and yes i made this background)

this was given to me for a doll i made for the maker. I LOVE IT!!! i think it is soooo adorable!

this was also given to me from a person who i made a fairy for. she did it just a little different though; she turned the fairy i made for her into a thank you gif. *blush* i love this one also!
i love getting any graphics from people who found me through my sites.

You are amazing! You do excellent work. Because of all the time and effort spent in making my "odd" dolls, I have made a special award for you. I usually don't hand out awards (come to think of it, I never have) but your efforts are phenomenal....definitely deserving. And so, I give you the "Graphic Goddess Award for your amazing talents and effort. :) Enjoy, and thanks SO much!

This is a site I just found that rox! You get to custom make these...they call them cartoon dolls...but they are more real looking than you think. Check it out! Love u guyz...sorry I haven't written that often...and we love you Sarah!

hey, your site is soo cute!!!! keep it up and make some more adoptable dolls please!

Hi I've got to say thank you so much, I love it, especially the shoes they are sooooooo cute, and yes I did want a girl sorry I must have forgotten to put that on. It's going to take me awhile before I put it up though I want to put it up now, but it's so good I'm going to make a whole page with it on, and don't worry I'll make sure that I put your button on, I reakon everyone should put them on just because you've taken your own time to make a really good doll for them, you should make it one of your rules, credit should go where credit needs!! I'll put you ont eh thanks list as well!! Thanks again it's sooooooooo good!!

hey! thanks for the doll! i love her! she is soo perfect, and exactly what i wanted. you even got those shoes i wanted perfect!

oh my god....*is speechless* *close to tears* it's perfect, theres not much else I can say....*is lost for words - a rare occurance* Thank you thank you thank you it's... it's...brillant. I love your skills. Are you sure that you don't mind making 1-2 more dolls, cause you are just so great at this and these guys *or should I say dolls* that you have made are prefect. Thank you

hey, i adopted some of your dolls, your site is the best for adopting graphics! i'm gonna send your link to my friends, thanks!

*whoa* i never expected you could get those dolls to look exactly like i requested! thanks! this doll is going in it's own site. i'm making a shrine for it! lol!

thanks for the couple! it is soo sweet, and it is exactly what i wanted :)

ohh she is soo cute! your very talented at this. she is exactly what i was hoping for, i can request again next week right? ..yeah, i do beleive so! see a request from me in your mailbox then, thanks.

hey, i just found your website and i love it!!!! your dolls are soo cute, and your website makes it easy to request, adopt, and find other cools sites to!

Dear Calichica Hi I don't know if you remember me I requested a cartoon doll from you a couple of months back and you gave me some advice on The Palace. Well I am writing an article to go in the next edition of the Cherub Champions Fairy Chatter and in it I am putting URL's of websites that I consider to be worth visiting. I have always liked your CC works site a lot and I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I included it in this article. I have been so inspired by your site that I now have my own cartoons dolls agency (although it isn't as good as yours! lol) and I have finally after several months managed to get this palace software working on my computer and now I am hooked. I hope you will let me know as soon as possible if it is okay for me to include your site.

i love your site. it's really groovy girl your style is really cool too. and the colors you use are DA BOMB! well i'm going to go i thought i would drop you a line and let ya know that i really like your site. bye=)

hey, i was stuck on HTML design till i went to your site full of tons of ideas!!! thanks!!! p.s. your dolls are amazing and the graphics that your made around your site are great. keep it up.

hi I went to your website. wow!!!! is the word I would describe it. I love it. I am going to start a cartoon dolls website soon. I am working on it now.Anyway i was wondering how come there is no pop up add in angelfire because i have angelfire and i don't know how to get rid of it. I love all the dolls. Your links are so cool. The animations wow. thanks for everything

Hello, Your site is AMAZING! I love it! Well, if you are making a site dedicated 2 music stars, lemme tell ya, It wouldn't be complete w/o 2GE+HER or Mandy Moore! HeHe.. those are my favorites! So anyways.. Keep up the good work... and good luck w/ your new site! :-D


if you want to ask a question or comment about something, e-mail me! i like all e-mails! =)