The art of foretelling one's future based on one's date of birth
began with the Egyptians.

Dated around 3,000 B.C., the Egyptians divided the sky into 36
sections. (This was the basis for what modern day astrologers
call decants.)

Each star god was assigned three sections of the sky. Their
gods were as follows: the sheep, bull, two men clasping hands,
scarab, lion, maiden, horizon, scorpion, he who draws a bow,
goat, water man and the fishes.

Egyptian astrology is extremely intertwined with their religion, as it
is believed the priests knew the secrets of the heavens.

Each constellation had its own boat with which to cross the sky
river (the goddess Nut's river). The Sun controlled the Nile river,
which provided irrigation to the crops of the residents of Egypt.

If you are interested in learning more on this style of astrology, we
would recommend reading "Egyptian Mythology" by Veronica
Ions. This book is no longer in print and we can only suggest
trying a used book store to purchase this book. Though we often
obtain rare and out-of-print books, we do not carry this one at this
time. Please check our merchandise section randomly though,
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